Thursday, March 15, 2012

Late Winter ????

The calendar says March, but the weather lately has been very spring-like. And we are not ones not to ignore such wonderful weather.

So far we have been to the local pioneer village for a couple of hours on Wednesday, to the park after day care on both Tuesday and today, and outside in the garden to play in the sand on Sunday.

It helps that this is my March Break from work and I've been able to spend more with Denis. I have been sending Denis to day care as I need him to keep in the routine, and it gave me time to spend with my sister, but also the day care has had 3 special outings this week.
  • On Tuesday he went out to see a play of the stories of Robert Munsch.
  • Today there was a drummer at the day care doing a special presentation.
  • And tomorrow he is going to a large indoor playground for an hour.

Tomorrow I'm going to spoil myself and do nothing (oh, maybe a little of housework) as it is the last day of my holiday. The weather is suppose to be sunny and warm, so I might be out in the garden for some of the day, I can't wait.

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