Wednesday, March 21, 2012

OMG! I Dreamt I Did It Again!

I had the most vivid, totally detailed dream about adopting again. I actually had a child in my arms in my dream. I was holding him and talking with the social worker about what the child's needs were and discussing with my brother how we would make it work.

It was so strange because in all the years waiting for Denis I never saw a child in my dreams. The closest I came was a dream where I was handed what I was told was my baby, all swaddled up, but instead of a blanket the child seemed to be in paper. And when I brought the top of the roll of paper up to look, it was just a bouquet of flowers.

Now, on sane and rational moments I know that Denis is my one and only son. BUT... there are those times when I seriously think about adopting a second child.

I total blame Lori and Dart. They are in China now finally bringing home their much loved and anticipated 6th child, Mia. I was forever checking the internet this weekend for those pictures of Lori finally getting to hold Mia in her arms. And then from Lori's blog I've read so many other blogs of families having their Forever Family days and also links to the waiting children.

I just need to win the lottery and find the time machine to make me just a wee bit younger and I'd do it again. Actually, if the process was just a little easier and not so expensive I would do it again. But hey, I can't actually do anything until I've been home with Denis for 18 months, which would be August then ... nah, just stop it there.


Anonymous said...

Having one is a little infectious, isn't it?! I go there now and then but truly until recently Izak did not have room for another child to claim any of my it is beyond the possible...


Diane said...

Oh c'mon just do it!!! It's not that bad...ok some days.......but overall it's good. I like being poor in my bank account but being rich in life!!!!