Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Nauryz

The first day of spring here in Toronto feels much more like a summer day, it was definitely WARM today. I hope the temperatures return to normal, trying to teach in a hot school in MARCH is not my idea of fun. Don't get me wrong, it isn't fun in May or June either, but you sort of expect it then, just not in March.

Denis' day care is celebrating Nauryz, not that they spell it the way I do. I brought my wooden bowl and spoon that I bought in Almaty to share with the class. The bowl has the image of the horse race that is associated with Nauryz. It shows a man and woman riding with the woman using a wipe, I gather she won the race.

For dinner we had Pelmeni. I buy them frozen at a Russian grocery store not far from my sister's group home. It was so delicious. I will make it again for our Can-a-Kaz group Nauryz party on Saturday.

I'd love to post some photos but I broke my camera, keep meaning to get it fixed, probably cost me a mint.

Oh, on the table in the day care dedicated to Nauryz there is a fish bowl with 2 goldfish. When we came home Denis was telling his Uncle about the fish. Then he told us that when the fish die you have to put them in the toilet and flush them down. LOL. It is amazing the things the little one learns at day care!

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