Monday, June 13, 2011

Where My Gramma?

Yesterday, Denis and I were watching Caillou on Treehouse. At the end of the episode there was a vignette where Ciallou tells about his grandmother. Denis was sitting on my knee watching when he turned to me and asked, "Where my Gramma?" Whoa, great way to make get me all choked up little man.

I told Denis his Gramma, who would have wanted to be called Granny, was in heaven. But I took him to see a picture that I have on the fridge of my parents with my sister. I pointed out his Granny and Granddad and his Aunt Kathryn.

Denis loves watching Caillou and he is learning a lot from the show. On one episode, Caillou visits a ranch where he feeds, grooms and rides a horse. At the end of the episode when he and his family are back home, Caillou's father pretends to be a horse. Since seeing the episode Denis makes a neighing sound and indicates that he wants either my brother or I to get on all fours to be a horse. We are then feed imaginary carrots and groomed vigourously.

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Diane said...

I love Calliou, I've heard people say they think he's too whiny, but hey so are my kids :-)

Ciera is into My little pony right now, which I also like ALOT!

Does he like the Backyardigans yet? I think it's pretty cool. Oh wow how sad am I?? Rating kids shows and saying I like them...I need a life :-)