Thursday, June 16, 2011

He likes it, really, he does!

On Sunday I left Denis with my brother while I took my sister out for a couple of hours. Denis loves to spend time with his uncle and my brother generously gave up some of his precious free time during report card and exam prep to play horse and tow truck so I could see our sister.

My outing with Kathryn wasn't that exciting, but she doesn't crave excitement, she likes simple things. We ate lunch at Tim Hortons and then shopped at the SuperStore.

While at the SuperStore I saw a Little Tykes swing. I thought it would be a great gift from Aunt Kathryn for Denis and a great toy for our backyard (maybe allowing me some time to actually work on the yard). I've been trying to build a positive relationship between Denis and my sister. It has been hard as she has been so ill, and we haven't had her home that often. When she has been at home Denis has quickly realized she needs as much care and attention as he does. Can we say Jealous.

When I came home, Denis was having a nap. I set the swing up in the backyard hanging the swing from a branch of the apple tree. When Denis woke up I took him outside to check out the swing.

You can see by the area behind Denis that the yard needs a LOT of work.
Denis loves being on the swings and his usual request is for a 'big' push. I promise you he wasn't asking me to get him out, he was asking for the camera.
And here he is not crying in panic, he is saying that the camera is his and that I should give it back to him.
Finally, he figures if I won't give him my camera then he will just ignore me. I swear that's what was happening.

It is near impossible these days to get a good picture of Denis, he thinks it is a game not to smile for the camera. The wacky thing is he smiles beautifully when playing with my brother's computer's mouse which he pretends is a camera and we have to take pictures with it. Typical, eh?!

Oh, and with him on the swing I did get some yard work done. Now if only Denis would be nice with Aunt Kathryn and not try to hit her or stomp on her broken ankle. Come on, can't I have everything?

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russalka said...

Look at his hair!!!!)))))so long and curly))He is a character!!!