Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Big seems to be Denis' new favourite word. Everything is big, and you can't say big unless you drop your voice down an octave and spread your arms wide to demonstrate.

Today we went to the 'big water' which means the swimming pool. This place is not to be confused with the 'big water' we went to on Tuesday, the Pond in Unionville where we saw geese and ducks. He also uses tiny and medium, but hands down big is his favourite word.

Now, having said Denis likes the word, I must mention that Denis has difficulty with understanding size deferential. For instance, this is Denis trying to get his old shoes on his uncle's foot. He'd outgrown the shoes and decided that they would be good shoes for Uncle John.
His solution to the shoe not fitting was to ask my brother to take his sock off.

On the weekend Denis was playing a game while sitting on my brother's knee. Eventually my brother said he was tired and that the game would have to end. Denis had a simple solution to the problem, he wasn't tired so Uncle John could sit on his lap. I just had to get a photo.
We'll have to work on his concept of size, we don't have to work on his self imagine as he sees himself as BIG!

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