Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Such a Boy

If I was ever in doubt that I have a boy:
  • he likes to burp and fart
  • at the farm he was most impressed by the poo and the animals' bums
  • there are toy cars all over the house
  • he's learning the names of the different types of trucks and machines (as is mom)
  • he corrected me and 2 others the other day when we said he had a nice toy car, he said it was a truck - he was correct.
  • he likes playing and watching video games
  • he wants to see the pictures of guns and wants to play shooting and 'fall down dead' games
If I was ever in doubt that my boy is very athletic:
  • he likes to go jogging,
  • he likes to play ball,
  • he runs every where
  • we HAVE to go to the park every day
  • he doesn't like the climbers for 2 to 5 year olds, he likes the climbers that are for 5 to 12 year olds
  • after spending the day at the zoo where he walked for most of the day, that evening he insisted we do the 3+km walk and not the shorter walk I had planned.
Denis doesn't walk the 3 to 5 km we do most nights, no he skips, jogs, hops, runs and spins along the way. And he I think he walks at least a half km more than I do as he goes backward and forward as we go along.

We take the stroller (the medium stroller as Denis calls it) but not for Denis to ride in for most of the journey. No he likes to push the stroller for most of the journey, and for some really strange reason we have to pick up and carry the stroller for some of the way too. I thought the evening walk was to help the little one relax so he gets a good night sleep, it just seems to make him more energetic .

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Anonymous said...

the things you will learn as the mother of a boy!! I have whole new astonishing areas of knowledge. Izak fully educated a young teen girl at the lego store on the different types of clones as she foolishly tried to pass off a kit with the wrong type! Kittloe did she know just who she was dealing with! Isn't it great fun?!