Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two Hearts For Hope

One of my favourite past times while I'm on this journey to parenthood is of course reading adoption blogs. I usually go to Lots of Kaz Blogs at least once a month to see if there are any new blogs to follow.

While on Lots of Kaz Blogs I learned about Two Hearts for Hope. Two Hearts was started by two mothers, Kim and Stacy, who created their families through adoption in Kazakhstan. Upon returning home they couldn't stop thinking about the children still living in the baby homes and children homes. They decided to start to fund raise to send shoes I believe so the children could go outside more. Now they are a large organization facilitating the regular donations of needed materials to some of the baby and children homes in Kazakhstan.

Today there is a group of people in Almaty from Two Hearts preparing to construct a fabulous playground for the children living in Children's Complex. There are about 350 children living in this home. Can you imagine their excitement at having a fabulous playground on the grounds of their home to play on?

If you want to follow the mission to Almaty over the next few days here is the Two Hearts Blog.

By the way, the Christmas ornaments I blog about on January 9th were purchased from Two Hearts to support the construction of the playground. I finally was able to give the ornaments to Loretta, Diane and MarieClaude today.

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