Saturday, May 1, 2010

While Wating

Now, I don't want you to think that I've some how turned into a hermit while I wait for my LOI. No, I've actually been busy, very busy. And I've had many great adventures with my fellow adoptive parents. Here are a few photos to illustrate.

On the Family Day holiday, Diane, Ciera and I went to the airport to meet Mary Lisa and Murat return to Canada with their new daughter Darya. It was fun waiting at the arrivals door, but nerve racking too as we were afraid we might have some how missed them.

Here is Darya with family. And Ciera checking out an airport dinosaur.

During March Break Sheila and family came to Toronto to celebrate Nauryz. We spent a couple of days visiting together. The weather in March was remarkable and one day we went to Pioneer Village.

XiuZhu: The gang taken by XiuZhu: Dastan and chocolate covered Alex.

Here is a nice picture XiuZhu took of me.

On the Spring Equinox we celebrated Nauryz, Kazakhstan New Year, with many others in our Kazakhstani adoption community. There were around 65 in all at the get together, 25 were children with a majority between 2 and 3 year olds. The noise level was loud. We talked, laughed, shared stories and ate some wonderful food provided for the pot luck. The children either played ball, rode around on their toys or did a ton of arts and crafts.
Here is a picture of Loretta and Alex playing with the play dough, which was also a great hit at the party. Diane and I are already talking about our Republic party in October.

Dastan loved riding on this dump truck, last year he tried to sit in the payload area. Alex loves to take pictures. Ever wonder what a picture taken by a 2 year old looks like, well here's one taken of me by Dastan

And finally on the Sunday end of the March Break we went to IKEA for dinner and then back to Sheila's hotel for swimming. While Ciera and XiuZhu enjoyed the play area (isn't that why you go to IKEA) the boys entertained each other while Shiela, Diane, Loretta and I enjoyed a great gab fest. Sheila lives way to far away.

And that summarizes February and March's get togethers with AP's.
I was also very busy knitting and watching the winter olympics. Its was fun to watch and cheer for two countries, Canada and Kazakhstan.

Do you like the hat Baby's Elephant is wearing? It is for me, but I finished it in time for our beautiful spring weather, I'll try it out next year.

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