Monday, July 27, 2009

Play Date

Sunday saw 'our gang' get together for another play date at Carrie and Edwin's house. Amazing how the children change. The last time we got together back in February, Alex was rolling around on the floor and Aimee, Ciera and Yerlan took a long while to start playing. This time Alex's is walking all over the place and the other 3 quickly got down to some serious playing. According to Yerlan they were playing Motor cross.

I brought my camera but I forgot to get any pictures. I'll have to make sure to take some pictures the next time we get together.

Diane's, MarieClaude and Martin's and my dossiers all went to Kazakhstan at the same time. Diane, MarieClaude and Martin dossiers all went to Karaganda, mine went to Almaty. It would have been so nice if mine had also gone to Karaganda, we might have ended up being in country together. At least it is nice waiting together.

We all seem to feel that we probably won't receive LIO until after the new year. Bummer, I was so hoping this would be the Christmas I'd have a little one at home. Oh, well, as long as my file is on it's way I can just keep waiting. But it certainly is wonderful having such good friends along the way. I absolutely love our play dates as being with these wonderful children actually makes the waiting easier. I love watching them grow up.


Baby Kaz Moore said...

What a cool support network you have. I hope you travel before the end of the year. In any event, I look forward to cheering you along. Susan

Lori Printy said...

I counted the Christmases too. Hang in there. And hope your back is feeling better:)