Saturday, October 10, 2009

Still Waiting

When my file went to Kazakhstan in June, I thought I'd be traveling by the end of 4 months. Well, 4 months have passed and I've not heard a thing. It is hard waiting, and even harder to get myself to do the things I should do before I travel. (Do you REALLY need to put together a crib before traveling??????)

Now on the good side of not traveling yet, and yes there is a good side, I put my back out on the Labour Day Weekend. It was one of those really stupid things. I was standing in the kitchen of my cousin's cottage just talking while leaning against the sink, when the rug under my feet moved forward. I didn't fall (though many friends have said maybe a fall would have been I felt okay then, but a little while later my back was ever so sore.

The next day I had to drive myself home, which on the Monday of the long weekend became a 3 hour odessy, and then back to work. It really isn't in the cards calling in sick the day after Labour day when you've been on holiday for the past 2 months, eh?????

Slowly, very slowly my back has been healling. It probably would have healed faster if I'd taken some time off work, but I want to keep that for when I'm in Kazakhstan. So, I keep waiting. If only I knew when I might be traveling, then I could procrastinate with greater accuracy.LOL


Pat and Alli said...

Sending good thoughts that you'll hear something soon. Waiting is so hard (especially when you don't know how long the wait will be).

Hope your back is better.


qmiller said...

Hoping that you hear good news soon, and that it will find your back ready for some KAZ travel!