Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When oh when will I travel

I have to tell my boss when I most likely be travelling to Kazakhstan. But how in the world am I suppose to know. I called my agency last week and heard that I was 4th in line for the translator, and then today I heard my friend is 5 in line to go to the Embassy. Does that put me 10th in line?????? If her dossier is going to the Embassy at the end of March, does that mean mine goes at the end of April or towards the end of May. I though it could be April that my paperwork would be going to Kazakhstan and I could be travelling in August or September. Now I'm thinking my paperwork could be going in May or June so that I could be travelling in October or November.
Oh when oh when will I be travelling??????


The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

oh isn't that the million dollar question... when o when o when will this happen??? hummmm.... who knows?

Tara said...

Hi Michele! Just stumbled across your blog. I'm from Canada too and we are close to being at the same stage in the process. I just told my manager yesterday that I was adopting. I went with the nobody knows when I'll travel but it will be at a moments notice approach.