Saturday, February 21, 2009

Play Dates

It's play date time again!
Carrie is having a get together at her house to meet Alex. It will be Carrie and Aimee, Diane and Ciera, Sandy and Maggie, Loretta and Alex and me.
I do love our get togethers. I've learned so much about the adoption process, those first few days with a new child, the first few weeks home, trying to find day care etc., etc.. Talking with all the mommies is the best, realist education, books just can't give you the same time, amount of information.
And then there are the children. The children are wonderful, and it is great to spend time with them, watching them grow. Every time I see Alex I can't believe how much he has changed.
But, I do wish my turn would hurry up and I could go on one of our outings with my own little one. It is hard, but this is a group that truly knows what I'm going through. Still, I do feel unconnected, no that's not the right word, removed maybe at times. It as though I'm trying so hard to know what it feels like, but suddenly everyone in the room has started talking in a different language or I've gone into a bubble. I can hear the conversation but I don't actually hear it. As suddenly as it occurs, it goes and I'm back in the swing.
I thought the last few years, since I decided to adopt and began all the different steps to getting here were hard. Knowing all my work is done, and that it is out of my hands and the true waiting has begun is the hardest step of all.

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Sheila said...

Your turn is coming and you will get many many playdates-trust me. You will wonder how you ever had time for anything other than playdates, MacDonalds, playgrounds, and other wonderful child related activities!!