Monday, April 25, 2011

Yaba Daba Do

I have got to find my flip video recorder as Denis has taken to talking up a storm and I want to capture it. Since Friday he starts these long and involved monologues of gibberish. He rides his Little Tykes car over to where I sit on the couch, gets out of his car, closes the door of the car and (my favourite part) leans against the door and begins talking. I swear I've heard 'Starbucks' and 'yaba daba do' out of him quite a few times.

Today I took Denis grocery shopping and we called JB to see what he needed. I dialed home and passed the phone to Denis. After a few moments Denis began his talking. He is a delight to watch as he has these eye and body movements to go with a conversation. He talked and talked and I began to wonder if my brother was actually on the phone. JB was there, but he wasn't sure if Denis even knew it as Denis really didn't respond to anything JB said to him.

I have the box for the video recorder and the instruction manual but no camera. I think I put it in a safe spot prior to going to Kazakhstan in November, hopefully it won't be November before I find it.

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