Sunday, April 17, 2011

I miss my Kazakhstan Internet

Sad but true, I miss the speed of the internet that I had in Kazakhstan. From reading so many blogs I knew one of the challenges in Kaz was the speed of internet. So I decided not to upgrade to high speed here at home and we stayed with dial up (I know, I bet you didn't know anyone still used dial up, no YouTube here).

I got to Kazakhstan and Nastya arranged high speed internet for me. I had difficulty at times connecting, but once connecting I loved the speed. But now I'm home I can't stand the internet. I sometimes try to get online when Denis is napping, but I can be still waiting for a website to load and Denis is awake.

Job for this week, setting up high speed wireless internet.


Anonymous said...

Ah!! the minutes are precious once you are a mom!! Everything changes, doesn't it ;-)

amanda vigale said...

Hope things are going well, we would love to see updated pictures of Denis

Diane said...

Oddly enough I have high speed and home and there are days when I think "hmmm my dial up in Kaz was faster than this!!!"