Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kaz Mommies Take Over Canada's Wonderland

The only place XuiZhu really wanted to go in Toronto was Canada's Wonderland, and she made it not once but twice the week she was here.

Here are all the Kaz Mommies. Maybe one day I'll try and get everyone's attention before I take a picture. But we were just too busy talking, laughing, and watching the kiddies to pose for photos.

And here are the kiddies. XuiZhu, who was hamming it up for the photo, and Ciera were trapped in the airplane ride until the ride attendant came and unlocked their seat belts. Yeah, it was the best chance to get their picture.

Alex enjoyed a graham cookie while we stood in line for another ride.

And Dastan found the buggy was a perfect toy for him.

As darkness fell and the park and all it's rides began to close, the children found a new ride. It didn't go as fast or as far as the park rides, but they enjoyed it.
Alex was already totally tuckered out and slept through the later part of the evening, though, it memory serves me, poor Loretta and Alex were up to way past 2 that morning and the following day was a work day for Loretta.

As we left the park, Loretta and talked about getting season passes next summer. The park is a fun place to spend an evening. And it doesn't have to be an expensive place to spend a couple of hours, as long as you eat elsewhere and don't buy any anything.

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