Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Ups and Downs of Waiting

It seems that almost daily there are ups and downs with this waiting process. One day you hear wonderful news of files moving, adoptions approved, families arriving safely home, children making amazing progress. Just as you are enjoying the feeling of happiness bad news comes your way; potential changes in country, adoptions denied, families files going astray, months with no LOI's, regions closing.
I sometimes wonder if I should just close my mind to all of this and just go about my daily life and wait for my phone call. Ya right, as if!!!!!
I'll take the downs as long as all those wonderful up come with them!!!!

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Tara said...

Hi Michele,
I know what you mean about the ups and downs. International adoption is a rocky road for sure. But everyone reaches the destination that they were meant to reach. And your little one is over in Kaz waiting for you.