Thursday, April 30, 2009

Second Guessing Myself

I've been following some friends as they go through the 'in Canada' stages of this game called Adopting from Kaz, and they are going MUCH faster than I am. My file has been in translation for over 2 months and I saw that someone else's file was translated in 3 days. 3 days. I'm still waiting. My complete dossier has been with my agency since November and it is still being processed, others have already gone to the embassy and they were still collecting paperwork in December and March. I feel like a kid saying, "It's just not fair" in my high squealing voice.
So, the second guessing begins. Do I stay the course because I do like the people I am working with in the agency? Do I forgo all the money I've spent so far and strike out with one of the other agencies?
The answer is, for now I'm staying the course. Just because the 'in Canada' paperwork is going so fast doesn't mean that the in Kazakh stages will be as fast. They might be, but... I can't rationalize it actually. It just seems like standing in line at the grocery store. If I switch lanes, am I really moving faster. Or do I just feel better because I'm moving??????

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