Friday, January 23, 2009

Dossier to Notary

At last, at last, my file is beginning it's journey. I got an email to say it has been sent to be notarized. Yahoo, that only leaves about, oh, 9 more stages and oh about 6 to 9 more months before I get my letter of invitation to travel. Do you think I should unpack? LOL

Actually, I have so much to do before I actually do travel to Kazakhstan, the time will fly. It's flying right now, I can't believe that its January 23 already. Didn't we JUST celebrate the New Year.

I want to redo the bedrooms and office upstairs. I'm planning to turn my old bedroom, the master, into a playroom. It is a huge space and really, it doesn't make that much sense to keep it for just sleeping. We also have to get the basement finished so JB can move back down there without worrying about floods.

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