Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kazapalooza Fun

Look who made it to Kazapalooza. 

We had a wonderful weekend. Denis loved the water slides, the pools, the arcade, the parties and the bathtubs in the hotel rooms. He didn't, however, like sleeping away from home, as he asked to go home at night, when he tired and especially when things didn't go his way.

I have wanted to attend Kazapalooza since I heard of the very first one, and it far surpassed any expectations I had of the event.  It was amazing to be a part of such a wonderful and large group of families. But it was funny how I seemed to spend a large amount of time with my friends from home. We of course spent lots of time with Loretta and Alex, and Denis' favourite person Alex's grandmother Aline.

Here's Denis' picture of Loretta, Alex and I.

Denis is getting quite good at taking pictures. Here are some of his best from the weekend.

And for some reason he loves taking pictures like this one.

Can you say like mother like son? The black shoes are mine, I took it years ago, one of my favourite photos.
I saw so many of the children I know from their adoption blogs. I would be in the pool with Denis and look over and say to myself, 'oh look there's Major', or 'that's Hannah'. But I have this problem, I have no idea what their parents look like, or for that matter what the parents' names might be. I seem to have focused on the children.  So I couldn't look over and say hello.

During the Friday and Saturday events, families wore name tags, and I wanted to go up and say hello to so many of the families that I've come to know on-line. But these were the big and overwhelming events that required me to try and keep up with Denis. And then during the calmer times, well, families weren't wearing name tags. 

I also learned that a family I know from their blog were there and I'd love to have met up with them, opportunity missed.

The next Kazapalooza will be in Texas, also the 3rd week of June, one week before the end of the school term, not a great time for me. Dang! I would love to attend. I'll keep it on my wish list, but I don't think I'll be making it. So, I will instead start saving for the 7th Kazapalooza.

Thanks to all the organizers and their families for organizing such an amazing weekend.


minime0910 said...

Wish I could have met you too!! KP is such a teaser because it's so short -- always the fastest weekend of the year. The only year so far that I really got to talk to anyone was 3 years ago in Milwaukee when Hannie was still an infant in a pumpkin seat and couldn't run off yet! I am glad you all had a good time -- KP is always the 3rd weekend of June, so hopefully we will see you next year or the year after. Otherwise, if you ever find yourself in Cincinnati, look us up! Erin

Kim said...

I had that same issue at KP last year in St Pete. I saw several people I "knew" from blogs but everything was so chaotic in those moments that I didn't get a chance to say hello. We did get to meet a few people but not nearly as many as I thought/hoped we would. I think you have to almost plan ahead and talk via blogs, email, or facebook and set a specific time and place to meet.