Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday meant PARK to Denis (that's exactly what he said to me when he woke up). As I'm recovering from stomach flu that was about all I could accomplish today.

We found it so warm in the park this morning that Denis wanted to take off his shoes to play in the sand.

And so cool this evening that he has 4 layers on, his hoodie under his helmet and he asked for mittens.

The bike ride went a little too far for Denis, he got off his bike and wanted to walk home about 7 blocks from home. He was so tired walking that I got to hold his hand for most of the 7 blocks. I really enjoyed holding his hand walking, something I rarely get to do, but I really didn't like having to carry the trike home.

He lay on the couch when he came home and didn't argue about going to bed.

Happy Easter!

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