Friday, August 5, 2011

Mommy Home

The other night as Denis and I sat on the steps of the porch putting on our socks and shoes for our evening walk Denis touched the house and we had the following conversation.

Denis: Mommy house.
Me: Yes this is Mommy's house. And this is Denis' house too?
Denis: Where Denis house? (looking around)
Me: This is Denis' house.
Denis: Denis house? (touching the house)
Me: Yes, this is Denis' house and Mommy's house. Forever.

Denis touched the house again then his face lit up and he began to dance around singing, "Denis house, Denis house." It brought tears to my eyes. I think he is beginning to get it.

This is your home buddy now and forever!

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qmiller said...

Oh....when they finally get it...couldn't be any sweeter!