Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No Cry

Tonight as I was putting Denis to bed he said, "No cry, mommy, no cry."

For the past month or so I read a couple of books with Denis and then put him into bed, give him a kiss and leave.

Denis cries. Oh how he cries. He bawls and bawls and bawls. Heart wrenching cries. The 'you are such a mean mommy for leaving me all alone in this bedroom' type of cry. Yesterday, when I checked on him he said as he stopped crying, "Look mama, my eyes drip." Too cute.

So tonight when he said, "No cry, mommy, no cry." he was saying he wouldn't cry, and he didn't.

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Dean and Janie said...

Aw....that makes me want to cry! Poor thing. They do want to stay with their mommies, don't they! I still lay with my 7 year old as she is still so attached to her parents. But some nights... I really wish she could just lay down and go to sleep! :) So much to do after the little ones get to bed! Bless your little one and may he have peace and bravery as he learns to "not drip". LOL! So cute!