Saturday, July 30, 2011

Get In

From the first days home, Denis has had a thing about getting into baskets or bags and asking us to pick him up.

Almost daily my laundry hamper gets dump and Denis will climb into the bag. Then he calls out for my brother or I to come and pick him up. I'm sure the manufacturers of the laundry bag didn't design it to hold 30 + pounds of child.

Here is Denis getting a ride in the laundry hamper. My brother is so accommodating. I mentioned that I didn't think the bag was strong enough to carry Denis around, so my brother has changed the activity to bouncing Denis in the bag on the bed. Yeah, Denis LOVES that game.

The laundry basket is another of Denis' favourite 'toys'. I have had to carry Denis and the laundry upstairs from the laundry room as he 'helps' me put the laundry from the dryer into the basket then climbs in.

Once I've folded the laundry, Denis then climbs into the empty basket saying 'baby'. He'll curl up in the basket and then tell me that I need to sing Rock-a-Bye-Baby while either dragging the basket and forth on the carpet, or tipping the basket on it's end and spinning Denis around in the basket. I marvel at the games he has invented.

Now I thought that my collapsible shopping basket was way to small to climb into. Denis had to try anyway and as you can see he managed to get into the basket.

He needed assistance getting both into and out of the basket. As I helped him (I know, I know, but he says "Please Mommy, just try." how can I resist?) as I was saying, as I helped him I thought back to first days I carried the basket friends said it looked like a Moses basket and that I was carrying a baby in it. LOL

He also loves the black box I purchased to hold some of his toys. He dumps out all the teddy bears and soft toys that are kept in the basket and climb in.

Sometimes he hides in the basket.

Then of course he asks us to pick him up.

My brother as always is so accommodating and will pick Denis up. As soon as I saw the two of them that day I ran to get the camera. It is too cute to miss.

One day Denis won't believe me when I tell him about climbing into all these baskets and bags. He should grow to be over 6 feet tall, he'll look at the bags and baskets and think, "I was never that small." I'm so enjoying this time with Denis, but is it no wonder both my brother and I have pain in our backs and shoulders, it's from picking up Denis in baskets and bags.


minime0910 said...

My daughter does the same thing! Only she ends up getting stuck everywhere. Just today I pulled a mop bucket off her head!! Denis is adorable :-) Enjoy every second of him. Erin (mom to Hannie, Shymkent KZ, March 2010)

Anonymous said...

They all need a chance to be the cuddled baby they missed out on and I love the creative ways they find to do it! Izak also loves to crawl into boxes and wrap himself up in bedsheets etc. The hammock is the best and we jam into it together and read stories, even balance lunch across our bellies...and have great chats.