Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer's a Fine Time to Wait

Yup, I'm still waiting. My file has been in Kazakhstan for over a year now. I hope to learn more in the fall about when I'll travel. I've heard that there have been no LOI for Uralsk so far this year. I'd thought that I would have traveled in the fall of '09, now I'd be delighted to travel in '10.

So, I guess I have the summer to enjoy.


Christel, Jerry, Alex and Anthony said...

hi michele! I am so sorry about your wait!!! I hope that your summer passes fast and you get an invitation soon!
You WILL make a wonderful mother! :)

we have two boys from uralsk, and are waiting on girls from China at the moment... We finally switched to the "special needs" program after waiting 4 years for our referral... we probably would have waited another year or more! eek!!! Why these countries have to make it so difficult, i am not sure i will ever understand!

But i can't wait to follow along when you go to Kaz! Uralsk is our second home! :)


Anonymous said...


You are being very patient. Since Uralsk has not issued any LOI's this year can you switch to a region that is issuing LOI's? Not sure if it is the lack of available children or what in Uralsk. I know they did consolidate the 2 babyhouses they had into one about a year and a half ago.

Mom to two from Uralsk (one from each babyhouse - 2005 and 2007)

irina said...

Hi Michele, that is interesting and comforting - we are in the exact same boat! We had our dossier sent to Kaz in August 09 and got news it was forwarded to Urlask in November. Since then - nothing. From what the agency has heard and figured it is that they try to encourage national adoptions and don't put any children on the availability list for international right now. Appearantly that is true for all regions. We have no clue when and if this is going to change, maybe it will if they don't get as far as they hope within the country. One can't really blame them because the priority for in-country adoption is one of the UN rules. It is just bad luck that it hits us after having waited so long.
Best wishes, Ina from Germany