Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome to my blog

I've finally started my blog about my adoption from Kazakhstan. I began my journey August 2006 when I began my home study. I think I had the longest home study in history as I didn't have my final meeting until April of 2007. I sent my paperwork to my agency in August 2007 and got provincial approval in November 2007.
But I wasn't ready to proceed. So I worked on a number of issues until this November when I was ready to proceed. On Monday this week I sent my completed dossier to my agency.
I've asked where I'll most likely be going in Kazakhstan and I learned that I will have to wait for my LOI to learn where I'll eventually go. I have 3 potential cities, and I need to learn about all three.
Well, I checked on-line and found out that my package was successfully delivered to my agency on Wednesday. Whew. That's a relief. Now to make sure it is complete and ready for all the wonderful stages it has to go through in the next few months.

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