Saturday, November 15, 2008

Meeting a New Canadian

Yesterday, I went to the airport to meet Sheila, Clarence, XiuZhu and the new little Canadian, Dastan.

I arrived at Pearson airport and found Clarence waiting outside the International Arrivals doors. I checked Sheila's blog so I could remember what Clarence looked like and I found him very easily. I introduced myself and we chatted for about 15 minutes until Sheila and the children came through the doors.

It was my first time meeting Sheila, but I felt like I knew her so well from exchanging emails and from reading her blog while she was in Kazakhstan. Her new son was fast asleep and barely opened his eyes while we stood in the airport and caught up with news from Uralsk. Sheila told me about my friend Loretta and how her bonding is going, and told me about some other families in Uralsk now and how they are doing.

XiuZhu and her dad enjoyed some fun checking out the airport. I didn't know they had a TimHortons inside the arrivals area, but I saw from the chocolate timbits XiuZhu arrived eating that it certainly does exist back there. You're a girl after my own heart when TimHortons is one of the first places you want to go when you arrive back in Canada. What a world traveller XiuZhu has become. She was bright and happy and after such a long trip. Where did you say you want to go next, Paris to see the EiffelTower?

Sheila and family will be staying in Toronto until tomorrow when they will fly home to St John. I wonder how many coffees from Starbucks you'll have had by the time you get on the plane????

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