Saturday, October 13, 2012

Polar Opposites

Wednesday will be my sister's birthday, today we went out to celebrate. We went to our local Pioneer Village to enjoy the fall colours and then we planned to go for an early dinner. We have had a membership to the village for almost 30 years and usually visit a few times a year. Both Denis and my sister love the village and are very comfortable there. I love it as I don't have to worry about either of them while we walk around (no traffic and a lovely fence, tree and brush separation from the actual roads).
A hat to mark the LACK of a hockey season (as if I care about hockey)
 This is the first time my sister has been well enough to walk around on an outing since Denis came home 19 months ago, my brother and I discovered how they are such absolutely opposite.

 The only times we were all together was entering and exiting the village.

This is the typical view that I had of Denis while we were in the village.

And this is how I saw my sister.

 Oh, you don't see her, let me use the zoom on the camera for you.

There she is, standing still, quietly waiting and wondering where Denis and I were.

See, Denis didn't walk around the village, he RAN. And Kathryn would take a step and wait about a minute before she took another step. My brother and I had to divide to conquer with these two.

We didn't go into any of the houses. We've done that before. We just walked around and visited all the animals.

I did get Denis to stand still for a photo. It was a challenge.
I love the village. And it did look so beautiful in its fall splendour. We had a great time crunching through the leaves. But it was nippy for a fall afternoon and rain was on its way. So it was sad to see the preparations for the evening OUTDOOR wedding on the green and in the pavilion. I hope the guests realized exactly what they were getting into. I know the village had those tall standing heaters, but we were wearing winter jackets and hats, and it was daylight.

I love this photo. It isn't easy to get a good photo of my sister. 

We ended up just taking my sister to Tim Hortons for a donut as Denis fell asleep shortly after we got into the car. Geez, wonder why he was so tired. We took my sister back to her group home where she promptly put her head down for a nap. At least on that level they are at the same speed.

As we were leaving the village, while waiting for my brother to bring the car from the parking lot, I had to promise to take Denis back to the village without either of my siblings. He complained that they were no fun and too slow. Too funny.


minime0910 said...

You have the cutest little man ever. Sounds like a fun day! I think fall is the most fun time to be a mom! Great pic of your sibs. Erin

MOmilkman said...

I have really enjoyed looking through some of your posts. There are so many I just kind of skimmed through but am looking forward to sitting down and more thoroughly going through them. You don't know me, but we do have a major connection. My wife and I adopted a little girl from Uralsk (or Орал) in 2010 from the same baby house.
I have a blog on (just during the time we were in country) and if your interested I thought you might want to see it. I know I enjoy looking at others, especially ones from Uralsk because it brings back so many memories. I'm not sure how we ever made it though that process and I have the upmost respect for someone that has done this journey solo.
Anyways, I hope the message gets to you and if you want contact me at and I direct you to the blog.
Take care!