Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring time in Almaty

I don't know if it is the weather is typical of February in Almaty, but today is a beautiful day again. It is 9 C this afternoon. Just beautiful.

This morning after breakfast, Denis and I walked up to the Tsum store. Okay, I walked, he rode in the stroller which he absolutely loves, I'm not so happy with it as it veers to the left, but for 15 dollars and folds small enough to come in my suitcase, I'm happy enough with it.

We checked out the pedestrian mall and the third floor of Tsum and bought stuff and I need to get more cash, darn the stuff just disappears - the money that is.

Around 11:30 we started back to the hotel, and you what I discovered? There are two Ramstores right near each other, and one is not near my hotel. LOL. There is a subway (true sense of the word, not the Toronto meaning) under the major insection, while I was underground I thought I'd gone under the east west street instead I'd gone under the north south street and started walking east instead of continuing south. Luckily I had my map and after crossing the same street 5 times I found my way back to the hotel. But along the way I found that other Ramstore, who knew, certainly not I.

Denis is having his nap, and after nap we will go out for a walk again. Thanks for all the suggestions of places to go. Must admit I'm lacking the energy and frankly the guts to try anything far or complex. Truly walking to the Tsum store was fun and challenging on its own, and Denis is just loving everything.

Okay, you know how 2 year olds just HAVE to have certain things, well Denis just has to have the luggage label. It is a Canadian flag luggage label. It was the first thing he saw when he arrived in the hotel room on Monday back in Uralsk. I took it off the suitcase as he was dragging the case around by the label whimpering, and now the luggage label goes everywhere. And of course it is too big to keep around his wrist, but Lord help me if I attempt to shorten the loop, that is NOT what he wants. So, of course the luggage label is prone to falling off while we are walking. Now I do have a second label (which he has asked for a couple of times, but it is on the suitcase - for now). By the other Ramstore as we crossed the wrong street for the 3 time on our way the correct way I realized we didn't have the label, so back across the wrong street for the 4th time and back through the Ramstore and we found the label, and then back outside to cross the street for a 5th time. Yup, I'm a mom!

The pictures are of Denis showing off his luggage label. As I teased while in Uralsk, Denis is a little bit of baggage I picked up this trip. LOL And the last is just Denis hamming it up for the camera, I have to use the camera with the front screen so he can see himself when I'm taking pictures, and he loves to make faces during pictures, just like his Uncle John!

Bye for now,


The Robeys said...

He is absolutely adorable!

Nicole said...

He's a superbright one, isn't he?!?!?!?! :)

D and A said...

What a cutie! I'm so glad to see things have finally worked out - you waited a long time. Do you think it was worth it? :)