Saturday, October 9, 2010

VISA is Gone (Sort of)

I am delighted to say that my VISA application is on its way to Ottawa, sort of. Well actually it won't start the journey until Tuesday morning as Monday will be Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. But bright and early Tuesday morning it will begin the 4 hour journey to Ottawa and promptly on Wednesday morning it will be delivered to the embassy.

The web site says the Visa generally takes 2 weeks to process. I figure I have over 4 weeks before I will be leaving, so I think I'll be fine.

I have to admit it took me more than 6 copies of the forms to get the information written properly. At one point I told my brother if I screwed up one more time I was going to have him fill it in for me. I kept making silly mistakes like misspelling my own name. Once though I filled in information in one line that asked who had denied me entry into the country, I meant to be filling in the line asking who had invited me to the country, oops.

Next step, find out when I'll be traveling so I can book my tickets.


Stacey and Dave said...

Congratulations on completing another step. You never know when your VISA may arrive - ours were returned exactly 5 days after I sent them in - it was unreal.
Better start packing now if you haven't already! :)


Baby Kaz Moore said...

I agree, pesky forms!!! Soon it will come to a good end. Best wishes from Austin, Texas, Susan

Sheila said...

YAHOOOOOOO!!ANother step done!! Hang in there my friend,When travel comes it comes with very little notice! You will be so ready!!!!